Are Red Light Camera Tickets Legal?

After people get over the initial surprise and the anger that follows the opening of an envelope containing a red light camera ticket the first question that comes to mind is: ARE RED LIGHT CAMERA TICKETS LEGAL?

In California, automated red light camera tickets are legal. Basically, any jurisdiction may choose to use automated red light camera enforcement system as long as certain rules are followed. Sections 21455.5 vc , 21455.6 vc and 21455.7 vc govern the rules for the red light camera enforcement systems.

are red light camera tickets legalSome of the rules for the red light camera systems have been changes to make the presence of the enforcement system more visible to the public so that people are aware of the system in place. Once such requirement is the placement of red light camera enforcement signs within 200 feet of an intersection.

There are also rules and requirements regarding the minimum yellow clearance time at an intersection. The automated to make red light camera tickets legal the operating agencies must ensure that the minimum yellow clearance time is adequate to allow a driver to safely come to a stop when traveling at the prevailing speed of the roadway.

There are also many other requirements that the cities and the counties are supposed to follow in order to issue red light camera tickets legally.

If you were have a red light camera ticket and you would like to contest it using our service, you can sign up by clicking on the red button on this page and completing our simple sign up process. Then, just fax us a copy of your red light ticket.

Remember red light camera tickets legal or not carry a hefty fine of approximately $500. If you choose to throw in the towel instead of fighting it you will have to pay the red light ticket fine. Also, even if you decide to do traffic school to keep the points off your DMV record you would still have to pay the fine and the traffic school fee to the court and the traffic school itself.

red light camera tickets legal