Red Light Ticket Los Angeles – Los Angeles Red Light Camera Enforcement Program June 2011

In a recent development the Los Angeles Police Commission voted to shut down the red light camera program for red light camera enforcement system in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Commission cited the high cost of operating the red light camera systems as well as safety issues for their decision.  Currently, there are 32 red light camera intersections in the City of Los Angeles. If the Los Angeles City Council agrees with the Los Angeles Police Commission then all 32 red light camera enforcement locations will by shut down.

There has been a national debate for years about the safety and the cost of operating the red light camera enforcement programs by various agencies. The recent vote of the Los Angeles Police commission places Los Angeles at the center of the national debate about the red light cameras. The Los Angeles Police Department and other police agencies claim the cameras have reduced accidents, largely by deterring drivers looking to run red lights or make illegal turns. Critics of the red light camera enforcement program, however, have noted that the accident data is questionable as the data does not take into consideration the increased level of rear-end accidents as drivers slam on their brakes. Furthermore, the general sentiment of the public about the red light camera enforcement programs is another attempt by governmental agencies to generate revenues.

If the Los Angeles Police Commission’s decision to shut down the red light camera stands, L.A. would become one of the major cities to dismantle the red light camera program in California. City of Anaheim banned the use of red light camera by a voter action last year.

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Red Light Ticket Los Angeles