San Diego Speeding Ticket Attorney

san diego attorney to fight speeding ticketIf you have a San Diego Speeding ticket you may be considering to fight the ticket on your own or to hire a ticket attorney to go to court for you. If you have decided to fight the ticket on your own you have two options 1- Court Trial  2- Trial By Written Declaration. To fight your ticket with a court trial would require for you to take time off work or school etc.. to go to court on the date of your trial and fight your ticket in open court. This option might be frightening to some people who may be unconformable to face the officer in court and argue the case. A trial by written declaration does not require for the accused to appear in court. The entire process to contest the speeding ticket can be done through the mail. San Diego County courts do accept trial by written declaration as a form to fight a traffic ticket for an infraction.

However, if you have decided to hire a San Diego Speeding Ticket Attorney to go to court for you then you would not have to do anything other than paying the attorney’s fee. Also, hiring a San Diego Speeding Ticket Attorney does not mean that your ticket would be dismissed. Most people think that hiring an attorney somehow would guarantee the dismissal of the speeding ticket. But that is not true. No one can guarantee an outcome when going to court. So, be careful if someone offers you a guaranteed outcome. Another thing to consider the final cost of hiring a San Diego Speeding Ticket Attorney. Does it financially make sense to hire the attorney? That is a question that you need to answer for yourself. If you decide to engage an attorney make sure that you completely understand all the costs involved for the entire process not just the initial fee that may be required at the beginning of the process.