How to Fight Speeding Ticket 80 in 65 mph Zone?


speeding 80 in 65 mph zoneIf you have one of those speeding ticket 80 in 65 mph zone, the you were accused of violating California vehicle code section 22349 a. If you have decided to fight this speeding ticket don’t worry you may not even have to go to court and you still have a good chance of beating the ticket as long as you know what to do. One easy way to fight this type of speeding ticket is with a trial by written declaration which does not require for the accused to appear in court. This process is all done by mail. Basically, what you would need to do is to prepare a defense statement explaining to the judge why your ticket should be dismissed.

What kind of speeding ticket excuses work in court?

Keep in mind that speeding ticket excuses do not get the ticket dismissed. What you need to do is to come up with a defense statement that can argue your side based on actual evidence as to why the officer could have possibly made a mistake in determining the speed that you were driving. So, stay away from making accusatory statements against the officer or any rude remarks. Keep in mind that the officer is just doing his/her job. Concentrate on the way the officer collected the speeding evidence against you and argue why you think the officer could have made a mistake.

For example, if the officer used radar, base your argument on the error factor for radar use and how that could have contributed to the officer making a mistake. You would need to back up your argument with evidence on your side regarding the accuracy of radar and potential interferences that may have caused the radar unit to produce an erroneous reading of your speed. Stay focused on the argument and avoid any unrelated issued.

If you have decided to fight a speeding ticket 80 in 65 mph we can help you with the trial by written declaration. All you need to do now is to sign up for our service and let us get started on your case.