Speeding Ticket Calculator California

speeding ticket calculatorIt is very difficult to determine the exact amount of speeding ticket fine in California using a speeding ticket calculator. This is due to the fact that each jurisdiction in California (city, County) add their own fees on top of the basic fine amount. For example if the basic fine for driving 10 mph over the speed limit is $100, you may actually be required to pay a total of $200 due to all the other added fees and costs.

The best way to determine the exact amount of speeding ticket fine is contact the court as indicated on the bottom section of your ticket. In some counties you may access the speeding ticket information on line. Unfortunately, not all of the counties in California provide the on line service so may have to call or visit the traffic court clerk to find out the fine amount. Also, most of the courts will send out a courtesy notice which would indicate the exact fine amount that you would have to pay including the court fee for traffic school. However, the courts are not required to send out the courtesy notice so if you do not get anything in the mail for a couple of weeks you should contact the court and most definitely prior to the appearance date indicated on your speeding ticket.

May be what you should be looking for is a way to beat the speeding ticket instead of a speeding ticket calculator. Because the main cost of a speeding ticket is not the fine but the increase in your insurance premiums. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to do traffic school once every 18 months in California. Therefore, it is recommended to fight the speeding ticket first and, if unsuccessful, then ask for traffic school.