What is the cost of a speeding ticket in California

The speeding ticket cost in California does not end with the speeding ticket fine amount or the time that it takes to deal with the speeding ticket. The speeding ticket cost goes far beyond the fine. If you have not attended traffic school in the past 18 months then you may choose to attend traffic school to keep the DMV points off your driving record. However, in this speeding ticket costscenario you would not only have to pay the speeding ticket cost (fine) but also you would have to pay the traffic school court fee ($50) and an additional fee to attend traffic school (another $80 to $100). Therefore, the total speeding ticket cost in addition to the speeding ticket fine would be another $150 to take care of traffic school portion.

However, if you have already made the mistake of doing traffic school for a prior speeding ticket in the past 18 months without first fighting the speeding ticket, then you are stuck. Now you only have two options:

  1. Pay the speeding ticket fine
  2. Fight the speeding ticket

Pay speeding ticket fine

If you choose to pay the speeding ticket fine without a fight, then the speed ticket cost would be the speeding ticket fine plus any additional insurance premium increases that your insurance company will imposed on you. Depending on various factors (type of vehicle, age, etc..) the increased premium may add up to more than $1000 or more. Obviously, the speeding ticket cost is very high if you do not put up a fight.

Fight speeding ticket

Successfully fighting speeding tickets is the only way to avoid the speeding ticket cost.However, most people do not know how to fight a speeding ticket and they end up losing their attempt to get the speeding ticket dismissed. Everyday speeding ticket excuses such as; “I was driving with the flow of traffic” do not work and they do not get speeding tickets dismissed. To successfully fight speeding tickets and avoid speeding ticket cost you need help from speeding ticket experts who know the specific defenses that would work for your specific case.

Let our speeding ticket experts help you avoid speeding ticket cost.

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