Speeding Ticket Defense Strategies

If you are looking for speeding ticket defense strategies the first thing you need to consider is the method of contesting your ticket. Are you going to use a:

  1. Trial by Written Declaration or
  2. Court Trial

speeding ticket defense strategiesEither way you would need to prepare yourself to draft a convincing defense statement to get the ticket dismissed. To determine a course of action you should first take into account the evidence that the Officer will be presenting against you. The only way to find out exactly what the officer has and may use in court is to serve the officer with a discovery request. You would need to do this well in advance of the court date to provide the office with the time required by law to respond to such a request. Then, you would need to analyze the supplied information to see what items would be helpful to your case. All these requires detailed knowledge of speed enforcement techniques and law enforcement policies and procedures. Without this knowledge you would not even know what you are to use or what is helpful to your case.

For example, if you are accused of violation of 22350 vc you may be able to apply a speed trap defense to your case. However, what you would need to know is first; does a speed trap defense apply? and second; if yes, how to analyze the traffic and engineering survey that was used in order to establish the proper posted speed limit for the roadway that you were driving on.

There are many scenario and various vehicle code sections for speeding tickets in California that could determine the proper speeding ticket defense strategies for a case.