Speeding Ticket Defenses That Work

Speeding ticket defenses that work in traffic court to get the ticket dismissed are based on technical facts, the vehicle code and any potential error in detecting the speed of the target vehicle. As a result, complete familiarity with the speed enforcement process is an absolute must in order to create a speeding ticket defenses that works in court.

speeding ticket defenses that workThe technical factors that are relevant to a speeding ticket case have to do with speed detection devices (radar or lidar or laser) that are used to determine the speed of target vehicles. These devices are electronic equipment and prone to many errors even if they are used properly. Then, there is the issue of proper usage. If the speed detection devices are free of technical errors one should look at the skill of the operator and the manner in which the speed detection device was used. If there were operational errors that could be clearly pointed out to the judge that could be one of the speeding ticket defenses that work in court.

If electronic speed detection devices were not used and instead the speedometer of the patrol vehicle was used to measure the speed of the target vehicle, then obviously the same scrutiny should apply to the speedometer and the same accuracy questions should be answered.