Should You Fight a Speeding Ticket?

It is your right to defend yourself and fight against any and all traffic tickets including speeding tickets. Not fighting speeding tickets could cost you huge fines and higher insurance premiums. You may think that you were guilty and therefore decide to pay the fine and go to traffic school, if you are eligible for traffic school. But before you do, ask yourself if it is possible that the Officer made an error of judging your action.

For example, Officers use speed radar to detect the speed of a target vehicle. Speed radar devices are not accurate. Yet the Officer relies entirely on information collected from an inaccurate source to issue the speeding ticket. Is that a fair speeding ticket? In most cases the Officers will not issue a speeding ticket for driving within 5 mph over the speed limit. Consider a speed radar unit that is off by 5 mph and the same device was used to issue a speeding ticket to you while you were driving just 3 mph over the speed limit. That will put you at 8 mph over the speed limit and will cost you a speeding ticket. Another example for speed traps. Consider a situation where the speed limit on the street is set lower than it is required by the relevant standards for establishing speed limits on roadway. In this situation, you may be driving over the posted speed limit but your speed is safe and prudent speed for that specific roadway. So, in this scenario who has violated the law? Is it the driver in violation or the governmental agency that set the artificially low speed limit?

speeding ticket secretsObviously, the agency has an incentive for financial gain from all the speeding tickets. Therefore, despite the fact that a driver may think that by exceeding the posted speed limit the speeding law was violated but in reality the driver did not violate any speeding laws.This is why you should consider fighting a speeding ticket and to enhance the chances of beating the speeding ticket you should consider using the services of our speeding ticket experts.

Here are a few interesting information about speeding tickets. Over 100,000 people get a speeding ticket each day in the US. At an average of $175 fine per speeding ticket that is $17,500,000 per day. That is over 6 Billion dollars a year from speeding ticket revenues. But it does not end there. Consider the increase in insurance premiums for an average of $400 per year for 5 years which is $2000. Now, multiply 100,000 people who get speeding tickets each day by 365 days for each year. That is 36.5 million people get speeding ticket each year. That is also 36.5 million insurance policies multiplied by $400 increase in insurance premium for one year. You get the picture it is Billions and Billions of dollars.

If you think you have an unfair speeding ticket or any type of traffic ticket fight it do not just hand over your hard earned money. Even if you do not prevail at least you know you tried. Here is a list of 10 states that are notorious for issuing traffic tickets; 1. Ohio 2. Pennsylvania 3. New York 4. California 5. Texas 6. Georgia 7. Virginia 8. North Carolina 9. Massachusetts 10. Connecticut

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