Fight Traffic Ticket Speeding Violation

traffic ticket speedingMost likely the reason you are visiting this website is that you got a traffic ticket speeding violation. You are wondering what are your options to fight the traffic ticket and what are the chances of success. First, fighting a traffic ticket in California is not necessarily a complicated process. In many cases the accused can even fight the ticket without having to make a single court appearance. Thank to California Vehicle code section 40902 a person accused of a traffic violation for an infraction may choose to fight the ticket with a process called trial by written declaration.

This process allows the defendant to contest the traffic ticket speeding or any other traffic infraction violation through the mail. When using a trial by written declaration, the defendant is required to use the proper form TR-205. The most important part of completing the TR-205 is the Statement of Facts section of the form which is actually the defense argument as to why the traffic ticket should be dismissed.

How to fight a speeding ticket in California?

To prepare a defense statement for a speeding ticket it is important to understand the method the officer used to collect the speeding evidence. So what you would need to determine if the officer used radar, lidar, airplane or pacing. If the officer used a radar unit, then you would need to concentrate your defense argument about the use of radar that may have contributed to the officer getting an erroneous reading of the actual speed of your vehicle. Or if the officer paced you down the highway for a certain distance, you would need to explain to the judge why you think the officer could have made a mistake in estimating the speed of your vehicle. Basically, you would have to come up with logical and factual arguments as to why your speeding ticket should be dismissed.