22102 vc californiaIn California majority of the U Turn tickets are issued for violating California Vehicle Code Section 22102 or 22103. According to Section 22102 it is a violation for a driver to make a u turn in a business district. The good news is that we have defenses that can get your U turn ticket dismissed.

How much is u turn ticket fine for 22102 vc California? Or

How much is u turn ticket fine for 22103 vc? Or

How much is u turn ticket fine for 22104 vc? Or

How much is u turn ticket fine for 22105 vc?

22102 vc California Illegal U-Turn in Business District $146.00 with 1 DMV point

22103 vc Illegal U-Turn in Residential District $146.00 with 1 DMV point

22104 vc Illegal U-Turn Near Fire Station $146.00 with 1 DMV point

22105 vc Illegal U-Turn on Highway Without Unobstructed View $146 with 1 DMV point

Our traffic ticket experts can help you fight your u turn ticket to avoid the DMV points for 22102 vc California and higher insurance premiums. To fight a U turn ticket successfully you would really have to be familiar with the vehicle code section and the regulatory requirements for posting no U turn signs with respect to location of the signs, size, visibility and the minimum number of required signs. Our traffic ticket experts prepare your defense statement based on all the information provided by you pertaining to the specific location where a U turn ticket was issued to you for 22102 vc California. Sign up now and get help to fight 22102 vc California.

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