What is the cost of 22102 vc violation in California
Illegal U-Turn in Business District
22102 vc Fine $234 DMV Point 1 (2012)

The fine for violation of California vehicle code section 22102 vc is $234. The DMV point for violation of section 22102vc is 1 point. Basically, it is a violation of section 22102 vc for a driver to make a U-turn in a business district except at intersections where U-turns have not been prohibited by signs.

22102 vcThe cost for violation of 22102 vc is much higher than the imposed $234 fine due to the 1 DMV point that will appear on the driver’s DMV record resulting in an increase for the insurance premium for 3 to 5 years. Therefore, to calculate the actual cost of 22102 vc traffic ticket one must take into account the $234 fine as well as the increase in the insurance premium for the 3 to 5 year period. Get help to fight u-turn traffic tickets.

The following is the California vehicle code section 22102:

22102 vc –  No person in a business district shall make a U-turn, except at an intersection, or on a divided highway where an opening has been provided in accordance with Section 21651. This turning movement shall be made as close as practicable to the extreme left-hand edge of the lanes moving in the driver’s direction of travel immediately prior to the initiation of the turning movement, when more than one lane in the direction of travel is present.