i-5 speeeding ticket by chpHere is detailed information about I-5 Freeway speeding ticket -The Interstate 5 or I-5 freeway is a major highway that extends from Mexico to Canada. The I-5 freeway caters to commercial vehicles as well as regular traffic. Therefore, the I-5 freeway is a very heavily traveled road. Majority of speed enforcement along the I-5 freeway is conducted by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The most common speed enforcement technique used by the CHP is by the use of speed radar or by pacing.

The I-5 freeway speeding tickets are issued for violations of California vehicle code sections 22349 a , 22406 and 22356 b. Speeding ticket defenses for violation of 22349 a and 22356 b must address the specific enforcement techniques used to determine the speed of the target vehicle as well as the proper posting of the speed limit.

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