Los Angeles speeding tickets may be issued in the City of Los Angeles or the County of Los Angeles. For all speeding tickets issued in Los Angeles County the traffic court that will process the speeding ticket will be located in one of the many Los Angeles Superior Court branches. All requests for speeding ticket appearance date extensions should be directed to the specific traffic court branch that was indicated on your speeding ticket.


Great majority of Los Angeles Speeding tickets are issued by the Los Angeles Police Department. Although other law enforcement agencies may also issue speeding tickets in the City of Los Angeles including city streets. For example, a California Highway Patrol Officer or a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy may issue a speeding ticket on a street located within the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles.

If a driver is observed exceeding the posted speed limit on a City street, it is very likely that the driver will be issued a speeding ticket in violation of Section 22350 vc. Other violation codes that may also apply are 22349 a vc, 22349 b vc and 22356 b vc. To successfully fight Los Angeles speeding tickets for speed violations of VC 22350, 22349 a, 22349 b or 22356 b a detailed knowledge and understanding of speed Radar or Laser
operation, the Vehicle Code and the California Speed Trap Rules as described under the California Vehicle Code is required.

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Our speeding ticket experts can also help you fight speeding tickets issued in other cities located in the Los Angeles county and issued by any of the law enforcement agencies. In almost all cases court appearance is not necessary.

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