Traffic violations in California are established based on the California vehicle code. One of the most common type of traffic violations in California is a speeding violation. There are several different types of speeding violations in California such as 22349 (a), 22349 (b), 22350, 22356 (b), 22406 and 22407.

The second most common type of traffic violation California is a red light ticket issued by red light camera enforcement system. The traffic violations for red light is issued based on California vehicle code section 21453 (a), 21453 (b) or 21453 (c).

There are also many other variety of traffic violations that are enforced by law enforcement agencies through the State. Regardless of the traffic violation that you may have been accused of committing the best way to fight a traffic violation in California is with a Trial By Written Declaration process.

Unfortunately, most people accused of traffic violations choose to deal with the violation by attending traffic school. This is due to the fact that most people think that the only way to fight a traffic violation is by going to court and battling it out with the Officer in front of a judge. However, as previously stated, there is another option available to fight a traffic violation without having to go to court.

Additionally, when you decide to address your traffic violation with traffic school, you must pay the fine as well as the court traffic school fee and the fee for attending the traffic school. Therefore, attending traffic school instead of fighting the traffic violation would be very costly. Another disadvantage of not fighting traffic violations is that you may end up using your once every 18-month traffic school option for a traffic violation that can easily be dismissed, if contested. So, if you were to get another traffic violation within the 18-month period that may be harder to beat then you will not be able to get the points off your DMV record.

traffic violations californiaIt is important to note that contesting a traffic violation does not forfeit the defendant’s right to attend traffic school, even after being found guilty. This fact is true both for Trial by Written Declaration and a court trial. Consequently, the option to go to traffic school should be used as a last option to deal with traffic violations.

Our traffic ticket experts specialize in fighting traffic violations with the use of the Trial by Written Declaration process. We have many years of experience in defending against traffic violations and we know what arguments work in traffic court to get the traffic violations dismissed. Over the years we have helped thousands of people fight their traffic violations using our expertise.